Hands and Feet!

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Misconceptions happen so easily, especially when you don’t follow “normal” paths. To the outside world, it often looks like a flitter from one interest to another. One day I’m doing massage classes, the next psychology. On a different day, I’m learning candles, aromatherapy, or something new altogether. Martial arts always there, sometimes my training is slower or faster. For me, my interest is in learning. My brain literally craves “input” and to be happy, I need to be learning something useful and productive. I usually have a few learning paths going at once. While all my interests branch out in different directions, it’s all rooted in the same place, like a tree. Training and healing the mind, body, spirit, and heart (emotions).

I’ve been searching for a new learning path. I’d love to pick up one put on hold for the pandemic but my eyes aren’t healed enough to drive out of state yet. I considered Aromatherapy certification, but it’s costly and I have a few good learning resources without a program. Massage therapists use aromatherapy often in different ways for jobs, I have about 15 years of use there. Always a possibility in the future. One positive change in the past few years is that online courses for many things became more acceptable, accessible, and affordable.

This weekend I found an Ashiatsu continuing education course online that’s board certified. Ashiatsu is a massage modality where the therapist uses their feet/body weight instead of their hands, forearms, and elbows. Having practiced Taekwondo since I was 4, I have always wanted to learn Ashiatsu. Continuing education classes before times changed, were expensive and usually required traveling out of the state for a weekend. Not always possible as a single mother with young kids. My kids are older, but health, and circumstances, still not in a position to travel yet. But this course is possible! Online education isn’t for everyone, as everyone learns differently. It’s my preferred learning format, I can focus on learning and not on social anxieties, masking, or social situations.

Side note** There are many things that cannot be taught online. Martial arts requires physical interactions with students/instructors. Learning massage therapy requires both giving and receiving massages. I would not recommend anyone begin learning either one through online formats. Both have physical aspects that cannot be taught virtually, you’ll be missing pieces.

After 15 years of practicing massage and learning many modalities, I’m comfortable learning Ashiatsu online. And I’m excited! Massaging with my feet! As Taekwondo is very kicking-oriented, I have very good self-control, balance, and footwork 🙂 If I exercise and practice self-defense with all 4 limbs, why wouldn’t I massage with all 4 limbs too?

After doing bodywork and barefoot martial arts, I have learned people are all different when it comes to feet. Both their own and others. Some love foot massages but won’t touch others’ feet. Some are sensitive and can’t have their feet touched. Some are grossed out. Some people need to have their feet covered at all times, and some are barefooters. People have a strange relationship with feet. Some take very good care of them with pedicures and scrubs, others do not, lol. Poor feet get a bad rap, they carry you every step of the path!

What kind of foot person are you? Do you like foot massages? Will you massage your partner’s feet? Do you prefer barefoot or covered? Would you try Ashiatsu massage? Let me know in the comments.

Wishing you easy steps on your paths in life.

Becca Dove


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