Climbing out of the Dark

This has been a really long year, but I’m finally seeing the end of doctor’s visits and appointments. I still have some nerve damage to my facial muscles and right optic nerve. I was able to get new glasses, so I can see! Waiting 6/7 months was a long time. In case you’re new to my blog, inflammation from Covid in January caused Bell’s palsy and optic neuritis. Most people get nerve issues with taste and smell, not me. My strange neurological system made it attack my face muscles and vision. As I’m also neurodivergent, I have to wonder if the differences in the neurological structure of the brain affected how inflammation from Covid affected me. Curious minds want to know. Or at least mine, lol. I can feel the depression clouds lifting, it really feels like climbing out of a very dark 2 and a half years.

Adjusting to my new elvis lip too 🙂 It’s weird to see your own smile change.

Prior to this crazy year of 2022, I was working on completing my master’s degree in psychology research. I still completed it in March, during all this. But between depression and all the health issues, I think I’m just realizing it’s done. Questions I keep getting asked are: am I switching professions? and what am I going to do with my degree? I do plan to switch professions, someday. Right now, I’m happy with my small massage practice/online store, teaching/training in taekwondo, and raising teenagers. Once my youngest finishes high school, I plan to get my PhD and teach psychology. I’m still undecided if I want to go the research or clinical route. But that’s okay, I have about 5 years to decide. As I’m just starting to feel like I can physically train again, it’ll be nice to focus on my martial arts education. Especially since my psychology and martial arts paths are intertwined.

My special interest in psychology is using alternative medicine therapies, most especially martial arts. What are alternative medicines? Massage therapy is usually grouped in there, but also acupuncture, chiropractic, aromatherapy, and energy work like Reiki. Mindfulness and meditation are two that have gained popularity over the years. I had an awesome professor during undergrad that introduced me to Energy Psychology, which included things like EFT tapping and Nature therapy. I had an unusual childhood that included many alternative therapies, and I’ve explored and practiced more as an adult. With my research degree, I got to dig into the current research on many topics. I would love to explore and create research projects. That may be in the future.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on

How does alternative medicine relate to martial arts? Most people wouldn’t consider martial arts an alternative therapy for the mind, but I’m hoping to change that with my book. Yes, with scientific research and personal experience. I have been planning to write my book (title TBD) for about 5 years now. This summer as my eyes have been healing, and less light sensitive, I’ve been writing. It’s almost complete, not quite but almost. I’m in the editing/rewriting sections stage. It’s also my story about learning I’m neurodivergent.

On top of writing this summer, I also started a small online store to share aromatherapy, CBD products, and other tools that have helped me, with some of my creations (candles). Stone face-rollers have helped with the palsy a lot this year. Click here to check out the online store.

I would love to hear what types of alternative medicines or therapies, you’ve found useful. Send me an email at or comment below.

Sending healing vibes your way,

Becca Dove


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