Optic Neuritis 3/31/22

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When I was in massage school, I switched from evening to daytime classes for childcare reasons. The class I left was about to start Neurology and Brain sections in anatomy, the class I went to just finished it. One of the teachers gave me details notes on the chapters, which my nerdy self obsessed over and made sure I knew thoroughly. I scored higher on anatomy than massage on my license exam but still passed both first try. Years later, I worked for the teacher who made the notes at his Chiropractic office. Few years after that, when I took the GRE, the section I scored highest on was the neuropsychology portion about neurology and brain anatomy.

I’m still baffled and dumbfounded that it took so much for doctors to believe me when I’ve said since January that I think my vision issues are neurological. The Internal medicine doc with covid clinic believed me. He pushed up the neurology appointment. When I saw the cornea specialist, I had been reading from the Covid support groups to get in to see either a neurologist or neuro-ophthalmologist. When she said, she couldn’t help me and acted like I was faking my condition. I asked for a referral to a neuro-ophthalmologist, she said it wouldn’t help. I pushed and she gave me one anyway. So thankful I pushed the rude doctor anyway!

Optic neuritis from post covid. Majority of tests won’t show inflammation on the optic nerve. When I described my eye infections during the first Covid battle, the doctor said, yes that’s covid. He agreed that it’s not dry eye. Neuro-ophthalmologist said he has seen many different eye/neurological issues. He ordered a light/peripheral vision test. I’m still waiting on those results. He said if this test does not show anything, he wants me to see a neurologist. Already scheduled for next week, cause I’ve pushed, and asked, and pushed some more to make it happen. Not entirely definite answers. But progress and being taken seriously.

In other news, my Master’s degree arrived today. Still processing that I’ve completed that step. It’s been a good day, but my eyes are tired from testing.

Hope you have clear visions tomorrow, both physically and metaphorically,

Becca Dove


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