Neuro-ophthalmologist tomorrow

I don’t have high hopes for tomorrows appointment. The cornea specialist that referred me was adamant that referring me to a neuro-ophthalmologist was pointless. “I know him and I know what he looks for” were her exact words. Given they work together, I don’t have high hopes that I’ll be taken seriously.

My eyes are better but still not normal. Light sensitivity has slowly, a month long slowly, gotten better. I can watch tv and look at screens not fully dimmed. Enter public buildings without sunglasses. My vision still comes and goes. Had some flashes in right eye when got tired today. My right eye vision and eyelid is delayed. If I close my eyes and open them, right eyelid opens much slower than left. It’s an odd sensation.

My joint and skin inflammation has been acting up again but not severely. My Covid internal medicine doctor had no idea, he hasn’t seen those issues. My fatigue is still bad but I’m not napping 4-6hrs and sleeping all night anymore. Just permanently exhausted, and sleeping at night. Zero suggestions from PCP or Covid doc on those issues. All tests and exams have shown I’m healthy, so that’s all they see.

And life just keeps swimming along. I’ve been trying to ease myself back into busy schedule but I can’t keep blocking my availability. Gotta have to money to keep swimming above water.

I’m taking this weekend to rest and recover. Breathe, hopefully without being in pain.

Sending healing vibes to you, just keep swimming,

Becca Dove


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