Let the Testing Games Begin 3/15/22

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My first appointment with post covid clinic was with an internal medicine doctor this morning. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard, “I don’t know” or “I’m stumped”. My symptoms do not present as typical post covid syndrome. I know this, but I can also jump on the support groups and find people with similar symptoms. The difference between this and other appointments is that he ordered testing to try and find out.

I had an EKG while there, and a CT scan this evening. Both were normal, I appear healthy. Thursday I have an Echocardiogram and a VASC Duplex Carotid (ultrasound on arteries in neck). Either Thursday or Friday, I’ll get blood drawn to check some unusual tests, that’s all I know there for now. I also got an “urgent” referral to neurology, trying to get me in before the end of June, I should hear in the next few days. Still have a neuro-ophthalmologist appointment at the end of this month. The game of testing has begun!

Questions of the day: have you had permanent vision loss? Yes. Yes, I have never worn glasses before April 2021, and am on my 3rd prescription (bifocals) that only works sometimes. I’d say I’ve had vision loss, and the flashing in the right eye the last month makes seeing difficult.

I also got a prescription for migraine medicine. While I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals, these headaches/migraines/blinding pains have gotta go. However, any type of pharmaceutical is usually just covering the pain receptors, including what I’ll be trying. It’s a bandaid, not a solution or a cause. I’ll take a temporary bandaid at the moment.

So my merry-go-round on the U.S. health systems is starting to spin faster. It’s still just a process of eliminating possibilities. So far, my eyes, heart, and brain appear healthy. And I’ve “stumped” every doctor I’ve seen. But I’m still in pain, light still hurts, and my right eye is still wonky. The clinic doc today did notice and take note that my right eyelid is delayed and doesn’t open as much as the left. I’ve noted this, I did at the last ophthamology appointment.

I’m missing the sunshine. I’ve always loved when daylight savings time hits in the spring, we have more light later in the day. I used to be a summer person and would bask in the sun, enjoying nature, gardening, and feeling close to the earth. It’s starting to sting more than just my eyes and brain, but my heart too.

Sending healing prayers and love of light to you,

Becca Dove


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