Long Haulers Clinic Tomorrow 3/14/22

Photo by Philip Ackermann on Pexels.com

Tomorrow is the post covid clinic appointment. From my understanding, I’ll meet with a PCP, who will then refer me to needed specialists all within the clinic and that focus on post covid symptoms. Today, I’ll print out my relevant blog entries and eye leftover timeline. Review, add notes and create a folder to take with me.

Emotionally, I’ve got a mixture of relief, anxiety, and guilt. One of the major reasons I did not push or advocate for getting into a clinic before is because I know there are people with post covid symptoms that are unable to work, follow their passions, or take care of themselves every day. From May 2020 to Sept 2020, I struggled with fatigue and my other issues were severe enough to prevent me from doing things. I quit my job. From Oct 2020 to Sept 2021, I had rough days or a rough week with a flair-up but could be almost as active as normal. Oct and Nov 2021, my joint flair-ups in my hands and feet began to get severe and were every morning and night. I was on the verge of seeking help, then Dec 2021, Pfizer booster shot made it disappear. All through December, I felt the most normal that I have since May 2020.

Up until Omicron in Jan 2022, my eyes issues were relatively minor. My eyes were itchy and irritated all the time, and I needed new glasses every 4/6 months but even those changes were minor. I needed my prescription sunglasses to drive on sunny days but all light was not majorly painful. Both right and left eyes had the same vision and reacted the same. My right eye is still acting wonky today, light flashes in any bright light and my headache has already started before 10am. My PCP who referred me to the clinic reminded me this impacts my everyday life. I’m deserving of receiving help too, even if I’m not as badly impacted as others.

Post viral symptoms are not a new thing, although Covid and its’ leftovers are new. I was reading an article about disabilities, click here. The article reviews other viruses that have leftovers leaving people disabled. Many years ago, I had a massage therapy client that was a polio survivor. I’ve seen those effects first hand. The article also discusses how the language around Covid has been built to exclude possible disabilities. Many reports have repeatedly suggested that pre-existing conditions cause complications with Covid. I did not have any pre-existing conditions. I’ve never even needed glasses before Covid.

And the anxiety kicks in again. Will the doctor believe me? There’s no record of me ever having Covid. Since my symptoms are unusual (about 10% of long haulers have vision issues), will they listen? Since almost all parts of my eyes have been deemed healthy, will they finally start checking for neurological issues? I’m hoping, given how the conversation went with the nurse in pre-interview, this will be different than other medical experiences recently.

Daylight savings time hit yesterday. It’s usually my favorite time of year because daylight is longer and it starts getting warmer. It’s usually time for plants! Not sure how I’m going to garden this year, but I have all my homework done and plants make me happy. Dirt makes me happy. Growing things makes me happy. It’s debatable, I may be night gardening this year.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine,

Becca Dove


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