Call from the Clinic 3/10/22

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The call came today. Post Covid Clinic had a cancellation and called to see if I could make the appointment next Tuesday. Yes, I will make it happen. I hope whoever had to cancel, that it was due to a relief of symptoms. Same question when they called to put me on the waitlist, how long have you been experiencing symptoms = May 2020. I was put on the schedule for next Tuesday.

About 10 minutes later, I got another call, wanting to do pre-questions for the visit. I know I missed details in the 20-minute chat, but it was a huge relief to talk about all of it, and not just my vision. The body is all interrelated. My body has been through a lot in the past 22 months. She also sent a questionnaire through the charting app. I got that completed this morning.

I know this is the beginning of many appointments to come. I was asked about anxiety, but I think at this point I have more medical anxiety than anything. I’m actively trying to keep an open mind that this experience will be different since I’m talking with medical professionals that are actively seeing post covid patients.

Yesterday was a good day, I was able to work a little. The cloudy snowy day allowed me not to use sunglasses, but then I slept 5hrs. Today my eyes and brain’s enemy is back, it’s a beautiful sun shining but chilly day. I’m ready for my nap at noon.

Hoping you get to enjoy the sunshine,

Becca Dove


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