Lack of Empathy in the Medical System – 3/1/22

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Today was the cornea specialist appointment. I did not have high hopes, as a few people have agreed, if I was having problems with my cornea, it would have shown on the many times my eyes have been examined since January. Even the ophthalmologist that referred me, did not see anything wrong with my eye or cornea.

So of course, my appointment today went as follows: All signs show that eyes are healthy, there is nothing to indicate the symptoms I’m experiencing. They don’t know why I’m having them and did not recommend a neuro-ophthalmologist. Who will say the same thing, she knows him, so she knows what he’ll say. It’s too bad the neurology department is backed up until June.

And the way all this was expressed to me, let me know that doctor did not believe anything I was saying. That I was wasting her time. Zero concern that I’m in actual pain. Or that I’m unable to function for 5/6 hours every day. And scared to drive. It’s interfering with my everyday life.

People wonder why in general people have a distrust for the medical community. Lack of empathy is way up there. Speaking and talking down to people as if they are uneducated or won’t understand. “Indigent people” I heard a medical professional during the Dr. Husel trial explain the community around Mount Carmel West that way. Anyone following? Since I can’t really watch tv, I’ve been listening. And not actually listening or believing what patients are saying. So many valid reasons for the distrust.

The only suggestion to help me at all today was to get new lenses for my glasses to help with the blurriness that comes and goes. Never mind, my current ones are not even two months old, and I’ve had 3 pairs in less than a year. Insurance pays for once a year, I’m still paying off my credit card for the new ones I’m wearing. That solution does absolutely nothing for the sensitivity to light, eyes shaking, sharp pain in my right eye, blinding headaches in too much light, or new white flashes over the right eye.

I don’t understand. But it’s all okay because several eye doctors, ophthalmologists, and now a cornea specialist say my eyes are healthy. Right?

Sending prayers and healing love to all those hurting today.

Becca Dove


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