Fur Babies and Unconditional Love

Yesterday and today’s eyeball leftovers:

Feb. 26, 2022

  • Sun still hurts, was in bed with eyes covered most of the day or sunglasses. At sunset was able to work on darkmode on laptop in candlelight for homework for 2/3 hrs before vision blurry.
    • Eyes still crusty, shake when trying to rest or sleep. Pain still on inner right eye.
    • Pain 75% headache still bad, localized right side of head, Sensitivity to light 80%

Feb 27, 2022

  • Headache started about 11am, no sunglasses yet. Able to to school work, but right eye is blurry unless forced to focus. Took Advil.
    • Right eye goes in and out of focus, no sunglasses all day but couldn’t look outside or at TV. Was able to do homework in daylight. Headache came back about 7pm
    • Pain 50% sensitivity 50%, I’m functioning but not well. Pain still on inner right eye, eyes still crusty, right eye still shaking
    • Took Advil during the day, pm in the night. Mildly helped pain today but helped to sleep

Today was better, functional but tiring. I completed 2 assignments and was able to give dogs a bath and actually start catching up on cleaning. And I was reminded of the most important lesson from our animal friends. Unconditional Love. Not that my zoo would let me forget. Wednesday when I ran back up to the darkness of my room, I had our new shadow dog, an Australian shepherd named Stitch, running with me and cuddled me until I calmed down. He’s barely 6 months old and has never seen me crying like that. I didn’t even realize he followed me until he jumped in the bed to comfort me, even though he isn’t supposed to be on the bed. My bear dog, Fiona, a 5-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, pretended she couldn’t get in the bathtub again today. That’s what the other dogs do, but really, she loves her baths, lol. Nope, couldn’t do it without mom lifting her front half, then the back. She’s a big dog.

Then there is Batman and Catwoman, my 8-year-old black cats born of the same litter. Batman is the big fluffy cat above, who will wiggle around until he can be cuddled, petted, and fall asleep. He was dead asleep in the picture. And Catwoman who will only lay on my side when I’m laying horizontally, sleeping, or resting. She has loved this week of me resting so much more than usual.

Animal relationships are so much less complicated than people relationships. Love, caring, respect. You take care of them, and they take care of you too. There’s research on animal therapies too, but I’m a little done researching today. Just opinions.

Only 2 assignments left, only 2 days until the cornea specialist.

Sending prayers to the families and warriors in Ukraine tonight. Prayers for peace and freedom.

Sending you blessings and prayers too.

Becca Dove


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