ER Visit – Part 6

Sunday, Feb. 20th – my pain in my right eye and head was severe. I couldn’t sleep, pain shooting through my face. At the urging from family and a friend, I went to the emergency room. They completed another eye exam and put in a numbing drop. Agreed with the ophthalmologist that I had dry eyes, and should continue using drops. I have been 2 weeks now. I lost it and cried. I hate crying in front of strangers. I asked for an MRI and was told it was too expensive and unwarranted.

Now, I’m not a doctor, I don’t hold a medical degree, but I do hold a limited scope medical license, and have studied the brain and neurological system in psychology. I scored high on the subsection of neuropsychology on the GRE for grad school because I’ve studied through both massage and psychology. I have a more than average understanding of how the human body works. Logically, if it’s not the eyes, or optic nerve, which everyone agrees is healthy, it’s the brain or neurological system. But what do I know, I just massage people?

He finally asked what my worry was. Given the new sharp pain in my eye, and localized pain in my head, I was worried about inflammation, blood clots, or neurological problems. The pain had been intensifying for days. He explained to me that to have inflammation in my brain, I would have to show inflammation elsewhere in my body. I have since MAY 2020. Left me there crying to go talk to his boss. He didn’t take me seriously until I cried. I hate that! I get it, I’m calm and collected on the outside but that doesn’t negate the pain I say I’m in! If I cry, I’m hysterical, women can’t win. Boss ordered the MRI. Guess who was a woman?

She stopped by to see me, agreed that if we wait it could be months before I get into Covid care clinic. If it is with my brain it could be an emergency. Gave me a referral to a neurologist. MRI came back clear, with no tumors or blood clots in my brain. They noted mild pressure in my sinuses and decided I have mild sinusitis. Gave me antibiotics and sent me home.

Pain is less today, but numbness and pain meds wore off. My right eye focuses when it wants to or is not too tired. I’m entirely relying on my left eye to type this tonight. If I close it, the world is blurry. Emotionally, I’m better. I crossed out some really bad possibilities. Onto the next medical appt – cornea specialist.

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