Vaccines – Part 4

Many people who know some of what I’ve experienced have asked why I would get a vaccine after having fought off Covid. Well, Covid had wrecked my body for a year before I was even eligible. My research and understanding were that my immune system might have been responsible for my symptoms. There had been many people with long-term symptoms in the support groups who reported relief after getting the vaccines. I was up for the experiment! Totally! Lol. And I never wanted to experience Covid again. My case wasn’t even close to ‘Mild.’ I chose the J and J because I knew my “leftovers” maybe from my immune system, and I was worried that 2 doses would cause a really bad reaction.

April 8th 2021 – I got my first pair of glasses, which helped for few months. And I got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. 3 days before it was shut down for blood clots. Knowing that blood clots were a possibility with Covid, and that vaccines can sometimes cause the same symptoms (from immune system response for those that don’t get that stuff), I started aspirin days before and continued for 2 weeks. Within 4 hours of J and J, I had a flair-up. Fingers and all. My thought process for this was okay, this is how I respond to Covid, so immune system response activated. Back to CBD gummies. At least I could control the skin breakouts.

August 2021 – I continued to have flair-ups every month but each month was less severe. With the exception of my right ankle, and joints in my fingers and feet. Those got worse. Every morning and night would be swollen and hard to move. Once I was started moving I was fine, but once I sat down for the day joints would flair up. My glasses weren’t working well, and I read that covid has shown to possibly cause dry eye in some. My symptoms resembled that, maybe I didn’t need glasses. Resting, eye drops 2/3x a day, warm cloth to clean them, it resolves on its own. Tried that. I went to a different eye doctor. She did more exams and said my eyes look healthy but I needed bifocals.  Near and far vision are affected differently.

December 2021 – The CDC or those in charge, released a report that those who got J & J should get a booster after 2 months. I wasn’t eligible for a booster until November. Early December I got the Pfizer booster. No possible way I was attempting what I knew caused flair-ups. Maybe mRNA would be different, but I didn’t have high hopes. I slept the next day, felt exhausted for a couple days after, that was it. No flair up. About a week later, after watching a show in my room at night I went downstairs and realized, it didn’t hurt. There was no pain in my feet. I had to try to not get too excited. My period came, no flair up. January, 1st 2022, I stood on the scale and realized I lost 20lbs. I had tried to lose weight since active covid and it wouldn’t budge. I got excited. Maybe the road to recovery. But my eyes were still bothering me, always irritated, and starting to struggle to see again. Joint pain is still there, but more echoes. 80% gone. My “buddy” knuckle still here, every day slightly, swollen but no longer painful.

I got excited too soon!


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