My Neurodivergent Path

I have followed many paths in life, most of which lead back to healing or training the mind, body, spirit, and emotions with alternative therapies. Martial arts, Massage therapy, and psychology are the major paths I’ve followed. Learning about being neurodivergent has been a long journey. I’m in the process of writing a book to share what I’ve learned on my neurodivergent path. While this blog started with a way to document my ongoing health issues with Covid, things have finally settled to shift my focus back to the book I’ve been researching and planning for years.

Years ago I had an online craft store and loved being able to make and sell my creations. With all the changes also came a need to learn new crafts. One thing I missed being able to share these past few years has been aromatherapy, so many of the crafts will be aromatherapy based. Candles, shower steamers, bath bombs, soaps. Stones are still my favorite to work with so don’t be surprised if they pop up 🙂 Along with my own creations, I’ll be sharing and selling products from my favorite brands that I personally use. Check out the store here Stone Path Studio. My little online store has been a nice side business to my private massage therapy practice.

Martial arts has been the path I’ve been on the longest. I started training at 4 years old and still continue to practice and teach today. The benefits of martial arts are much more than just physical. My master’s degree in psychology was focused on using martial arts as a therapy for neurodivergent children and adolescents. You’ll have to check out the book in a few months to learn more.

“Sometimes the step forward, requires 2 steps back, but over time they get stronger” – Grandmaster Dad, misquoting Starwars.

September 2020
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  • Self-care Bodywork Education

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  • Unusual Barriers, Finding My Own Path

The Author

Hello! I’m Rebecca Dove. I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and Martial Arts Instructor, with a master’s degree in psychology. Newly adventuring into the world of writing, blogging, and sharing my story.

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